AOK GROUND CAFÉ under AOK group grand open,

Not only the art, you can see in the art museum.
Attractive visual stimulus brings audiences act, art works broad value by making scenery to Art at the same time
AOK Ground Coffee is the project which break the line between art, life, art works and space and make more abundant life.
Emphasizing the character of being located in the cryptocurrency exchange building, the cafe applied stainless steel, glass material,
and emerald green color, which symbolizes futurism, and added artwork to complete the dense space.
Visitors are added to this beautiful space, which also results in a work.
Dema Design, which was in charge of design, tried to amplify its artistic design experience by carefully considering its composition and movement.
In addition, 74 angles applied to cafe symbols were applied with strict rules to create a space where brand identity is tightly concentrated.
Visitors can enjoy AR animation works through tablet PCs inserted in transparent acrylic plates.
The movement naturally flows to the counter, where a screen is installed on the top and bottom of the counter and a motion graphic artwork is projected to enhance the artistic mood.
On the back of the screen, lights are constructed and rainbow colors are lighted on different days of the week to create a rich mood every day.
In addition, seats are set on both sides of the counter, including a gold stainless steel cube space on the right, drawing attention.
It’s decorated like a stage for a piece of work, displaying a painting by Canadian digital art creator Boutet.
In the front, geometric furniture was matched, which was intended to make the scene look like a piece of work when people sat down.
The message was imprinted throughout the space with text such as “They are so parts of art!”
In addition, it uses stainless steel or glass for various utensils such as tables and chairs to continue the concept of space with a sense of unity.


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